Research Field
We design the future with creative convergence networks in a diversity of research fields such as medium- and small sized ships, offshore plants, green ships, marine leisure equipment, maritime marina.
Technology Research

ICT Convergence
The ICT convergence field is an area receiving new attention because it can be the source of creating new high value in small and medium shipbuilding and marine leisure equipment.
Recently, technologies converged with ICT have been developed intensively in various fields such marine environment control, energy saving and ship stability enhancement.
  • Voyage communication equipment field for small and marine leisure ships
  • e-navigation technology field
  • Survivor search and rescue equipment (MOB) technology field
  • Smart yacht system field for maritime safety
Developing automatic identification systems (AIS) and vessel monitoring systems (VMS) for fishing ships
Developing individual portable automatic identification devices and integrated monitoring systems for marine leisure
Developing 3D small marine leisure ship’s steering simulators
Developing smart yacht operating systems and marina control systems
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