Small & Medium Industry Support
We are a true partner of small and medium sized businesses, who are growing up together with them.
Commercialization Support
The commercialization support project is aiming at early commercialization of products to build buyer DB, to support contracts and to provide information on exhibitions, marketing media and commercialization..
If you have any questions about the commercialization support project, please feel free to contact RIMS
Building and utilizing domestic and foreign buyer database
Investigates and finds domestic and foreign buyers for each company and industry section to support to use for product contracts or development
Domestic and foreign marketing channel and media production support
Supports to make the use of media channels possible to promote products and to make related promotional materials for improving product awareness and increasing domestic and foreign consumer markets’ purchasing power.
Exhibition participation and promotion support
Supports to participate in domestic industrial professional exhibitions and events possible to promote products to create new sales.
Technology and product information support
Spreads domestic and foreign excellent new technology information needed for each company with the purpose of production and
commercialization to promote product development making the effective use of new technologies.
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