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We design the future with creative convergence networks in a diversity of research fields such as medium- and small sized ships, offshore plants, green ships, marine leisure equipment, maritime marina.
Marine Leisure Equipment

Marine Leisure Equipment
Marine leisure equipment are leisure ships used for the purpose of leisure and spare time in the ocean unlike fishing and merchant ships, which are divided into power-propelled power yachts and wind force-propelled sail yachts.
For the application technologies of marine leisure equipment, it is applied not only various advanced technologies such as components and materials, mechatronics and marine electric communication including shipbuilding technologies but also aesthetic and emotional interior technologies. Accordingly, the government designates marine leisure ships as a technology field of 100 strategic products to focus on technical development so that builds it as a new growth engine industry of Korea.

Marine leisure equipment research field
Developing 25-feet class weekender yacht using super 5-axis machine tools and marine leisure water tank
Developing 20-feet class high-speed leisure boat with reduced air resistance
Developing 16-feet class double hull CFRP dinghy yacht applying the bladder inflatable molding technique
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