Southwest Area Headquarters
We support shipbuilding, shipbuilding materials and marine leisure industries in western and southern coast areas.
The southwest area headquarters of RIMS carries out supporting R&D of
shipbuilding, materials and marine leisure companies in the southwest area, utilization of the possessed research equipment, and company support etc. In particular, it builds various co-utilization manufacturing technology research equipment and facilities for maine leisure equipment industries with the support of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and Jeollanam-do, and makes an effort of strengthening technical competitiveness of marine leisure equipment industries with various company supports.
  • Project Name :
    southwest-area marine leisure equipment industry foundation establishment project
  • Project period : 2011. 06. 01 ~ 2015. 03. 30
  • Project goal : Supports product development and technologies for the related companies by utilizing the manufacturing technology research equipment, which marine leisure equipment industry can co-utilize, and the constructed equipment.
Introduction to the Southwest Area Headquarters
Organization Chart
Supporting Fields
R&D support Supporting utilization of equipment holdings Company support
  • Ship shape development and standardization technology field
  • design fields
  • structural, thermal and fluid analysis field
  • systems and parts design and performance evaluation field
  • Marine materials reliability field
  • Operating the southwest-area marine leisure equipment production support building and the entered companies office
  • ship interior production support equipment
  • light alloy, composite material ship production support equipment
  • design S/W and quality measurement equipment
  • 2D, 3D design S/W, basic calculation S/W
  • thermal, fluid and structural analysis S/W
  • computational analysis dedicated H/W
  • New and remodeled ship design, supervision and technical review consultation
  • ship and material analysis support
  • production method development and product design support
  • manufacturing process automation support
  • technical seminar and workshop support
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