Small & Medium Industry Support
We are a true partner of small and medium sized businesses, who are growing up together with them.
Manpower Training
The manpower training project is aiming for spreading technologies, building companies’ management innovation systems, and assisting in supplying new manpower.
If you have any questions about the manpower training project, please feel free to contact RIMS.
Open technical training
Learning a system about industries and technologies
Learning foundation technologies for product manufacturing
Systematizing and upgrading the existing knowledge
Establishing essential terms of industries and concepts for various product manufacturing processes
Company visiting customized training
Supports on-site training for companies’ products and technologies directly connected to commercialization
to assist the visiting training for improving technical skills of the field engineers and increasing quality of products
Management and process training
Supports guidance and training by management professionals for innovating companies’ management processes and
securing various systems and management certifications
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