Research Field
We design the future with creative convergence networks in a diversity of research fields such as medium- and small sized ships, offshore plants, green ships, marine leisure equipment, maritime marina.
Policy Research

Marine leisure industry development policy
of Gyeonggi-do

Introduction to policy research
We are researching enactment and revision of industry-related law, supporting polices and local industry promotion methods as a professional research institute in the shipbuilding and marine leisure equipment industries. In addition, we carry out planning researches of medium- and long-term R&D projects such as the industrial infrastructure development project and focus technology development project, and feasibility and effect analysis of product manufacturing according to market environment.
We share knowledge information through database of accumulated research results, predicts the future environment changes as well as domestic and foreign competitive environment, and focus our capacity on developing policies and strategies for accordingly enhancing competitiveness of government and companies .
  • Supporting central government’s policy research and establishment of medium- and long-term development plans
  • Shipbuilding and marine leisure equipment industry related policy research and policy seminar
  • Shipbuilding and marine related law enactment and revision research
  • Advanced planning research for industrial technology infrastructure development projects
  • New product and technology development feasibility research
  • International boat show and international seminar consultation etc.
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