Research Field
We design the future with creative convergence networks in a diversity of research fields such as medium- and small sized ships, offshore plants, green ships, marine leisure equipment, maritime marina.
Technology Research

Performance Analysis, Evaluation
We use marine engineering aquarium, circulating water channel, wind tunnel equipment and numerical analysis (CFD), which are high-tech testing and verification research equipment possessed by our institute, to focus on hydrodynamic and aerodynamic performance analysis technologies for major performance of prototypes related to the shipbuilding, marine leisure equipment and offshore plant fields.
  • Hydrodynamics
  • Aerodynamics

Hydrodynamics : Resistance performance research

Hydrodynamics :
Resistance performance research
Various ship shapes and parametric transformation design analysis technologies
Various ship hydrostatics and stability examination and evaluation technologies
Various ship resistance and fluid performance test, CFD analysis technologies
Various ship fluid impact performance testing and analysis technologies

Hydrodynamics : Kinematic performance research

Hydrodynamics :
Kinematic performance research
Kinematic performance and seakeeping analysis technologies for ships under various regular and irregular waves
Multi-phase flow CFD performance analysis technologies for ship’s LNG tanks
Structural stability and dynamic characteristic analysis technologies for marine structures in the shallow and deep sea areas
Marine structures’s external forces (wave, wind and current), mooring stability analysis technologies
New renewable energy coast structures wave-power test, power capacity and structural stability test

Hydrodynamics : Propulsion system performance research

Hydrodynamics :
Propulsion system performance research
Propeller single efficiency performance analysis and evaluation
Fluid force performance analysis for angle of attack changes of propellers and rudders
Performance analysis of water jet propulsion systems

Hydrodynamics : Marine leisure equipment performance research

Hydrodynamics :
Marine leisure equipment performance research
Water tank test performance evaluation technologies for various marine leisure crafts
Performance analysis of sails using wind tunnels
Various hydrodynamic performance analysis for marine leisure equipment

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