About RIMS
RIMS is challenging toward new marine shipbuilding era again today.

I’d like to give a hearty welcome to
RIMS web pages to all of you.

  • RIMS is a professional research institute in the marine shipbuilding field, which performs national R&D in small and medium sized ships, offshore plant support ships, marine leisure equipment and maritime marina industries, and tries our best to contribute to securing national competitiveness with creative ideas by carrying out joint researches with domestic and foreign research institutes, academia and industries. Recently, our institute has conducted inter-industry convergence researches with creativity, convergence, future and practicability as core values through harmonization of marine shipbuilding industries, converged and integrated materials, ICT convergence and green energy industries, so we play a pivotal role in securing core technologies to keep up with the changes of global industrial environment and the trends of industrial convergence and integration.
  • In addition, we exploit the cutting-edge research equipment such as marine leisure water tanks and five-axis machine tools possessed by our institute to support ship performance evaluation, authorized testing and trial run of ships for small and medium businesses, and make an effort to become the foundation for sustainable growth of small and medium businesses by making technical guidance, manpower training and commercialization support programs through professional research manpower. Now and for ever, RIMS will establish our position as a research institute leading creative economy with future-oriented research capabilities. As RIMS is a partner helping technical innovations of small and medium businesses and our door is always opened, I hope to get a lot of supports and interests from you so that our institute can grow as a world-class research institute. Thank you.

Director of RIMS, Hwa-seok Lee

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