Research Field
We design the future with creative convergence networks in a diversity of research fields such as medium- and small sized ships, offshore plants, green ships, marine leisure equipment, maritime marina.
Technology Research

New Materials for Marine Shipbuilding
ecause regulations for air pollutants emitted from small boats have been reinforced recently due to global energy and environment regulation issues, it needs to develop technologies for hull weight lightening, fuel efficiency reduction and CO2 decrease.
Accordingly, we use high-performance and light-weight convergence materials to focus on developing shipbuilding, marine leisure equipment and components.
  • High-performance and light-weight shipbuilding and marine leisure equipment development
  • High-tech shipbuilding and marine leisure equipment development
  • Smart new materials (piezoelectric and shape memory etc.) component development
  • Next-generation marine structure convergence materials

Carbon fiber based marine leisure equipment development and southwest seashore marine leisure belt construction
Developing high-performance carbon fiber composite materials for marine sport leisure
Developing carbon fiber personal water leisure crafts and IRC class racing yachts
Developing high-quality cruise leisure boats with CFRP materials
Developing thermoplastic resin based high-speed forming composite materials and lightweight components for transportation
Developing thermoplastic resin for high-speed forming
Developing fabrication technologies for structural parts
Developing high-speed forming process technologies and lightweight components for transportation
Developing hulls with vacuum infusion methods applying aramid hybrid fabrics
Developing aramid hybrid fabric manufacture technologies/Developing the forming process applying vacuum infusion methods
Developing 30-feet class yacht hull applying aramid hybrid fabrics
Developing aramid hybrid fabrics for lightweight hulls /Developing lightweight hulls applying vacuum infusion methods
Developing flat springs applying fast-hardening thermosetting prepreg with lighter by more than 50%
compared to metals
Researching the resin system by giving fast-hardening and toughening and developing carbon fiber prepreg
Developing the composite material flat spring forming system applying compression molding
Final product’s reliability evaluation and the vehicle mounted environment’s durability performance test evaluation
Developing marine impeller fabrics applying carbon fibers and impeller manufacture technologies
Developing technologies to manufacture fabrics applying carbon fibers for impellers
Developing the carbon fiber block forming process applying the rear panel laminating method
Developing CFRP impeller processing technologies and products with carbon fiber blocks
Light alloy material technology development
Friction stir welding process research
riction stir welding tool development
Feature analysis of FSW sleeve pieces
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