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Certification Test

KOLAS is the abbreviation for ‘Korea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme’, and an accreditation organization that manages works such as establishment of national standard systems and operation of industrial standardization systems, affairs of safety/quality and weighingㆍmeasurement of industrial products, investigation/R&D and support of industrial foundation and engineering technologies, operation of correction, testing and inspection institution accreditation schemes, affairs of standardization-related cooperation and exchange between countries or with international organizations, which is an organization of the Korean Agency for Technology and Standards.
KOLAS testing institution accreditation scheme
The testing institution accreditation scheme is a system that an accreditation agency suitable for laws or international standards makes assessors having professional qualification evaluate the quality system and technical ability of a testing institution to officially recognize that it has a test capability for a certain field.
KOLAS testing field
It is possible to issue KOLAS reports only for the tests by the regulations below.
Tensile test ○ KS B 0802 (metallic material tensile test method)
○ ASTM E8/E8M (Standard Test Method for Tension Testing of Metallic Materials [Metric])
○ JIS Z 2241 (Method of tensile test for metallic Materials )
Bending test ○ KS B 0804 (Metallic material bending test)
Rockwell hardness test ○ KS B 0806 (Rockwell hardness test method for metallic materials)
○ ASTM E18 (Standard test method for rockwell hardness of metallic materials)
Vickers hardness test, ○ KS B 0811 (Vickers hardness test method for metallic materials)
○ ASTM E384 (Standard test method for Knoop and vickers hardness of materials)
○ ISO 6507-1 (Metallic materials - Vickers hardness _ test - part1 : test method)
Brinell hardness test ○ KS B 0805 (Brinell hardness test method for metallic materials)
○ ASTM E10 (Standard test method for Brinell hardness of metallic materials)
○ JIS Z 2243 (Brinell hardness test - test method)
Testing procedure guidance
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